Efs Electronic

Founded in 2000, EFS ELECTRONICS is the official dealer of the Samsung Electronics brand for 17 years.

Between the years 2000-2010, as a Private Company, while selling zero products in the Çamlıca Store; has developed and grew into the end of 2009, and since the beginning of 2010, it has stopped selling zero products and has started official sales of the Fleet / Outlet (Refurbished Products).

All of our products are procured from Samsung Turkey by tender and are made up of damaged, exposed and used / faulted / faulty products. Çamlıca and Çekmeköy stores and çekmeköy stores have over 60 employees in our warehouse..

The products that are sold in our company are divided into Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed products and the ones offered for sale carry the 1-year EFS guarantee which is valid in Istanbul central districts. Our guarantee is valid up to Pendik in Istanbul near Anatolia. The road to Şile is started and Guaranteed products are not sold to Adalar. On the European side, Bakırköy -Surrounding and non-Istanbul warranties are not guaranteed. We do not ship to our customers sitting in these places. They can only benefit from warranty service by transporting to / from depot. We have no shipment by cargo. If the customer takes responsibility as written / signed, cargo may be sent but the liability for damage that may occur is not accepted. No products sold in our company carry the Samsung Turkey guarantee and can not benefit from the service network.

Since our products are not zero products, we do not have sales over the internet. They must be seen at the following address. Our products are delivered to the store. There is a separate fee for transport. No wall hangers on TVs. Our products may not have original apparatuses, even if they are written in boxes.


Vision: This vision is at the center of our responsibility to pioneer innovations in technology, products and solutions that inspire communities around the world to join our desire to create a better world full of richer digital experiences. We are committed to delivering the values shared by our employees and partners, knowing our responsibility to be a creative leader in the global community, while also devoting our efforts and resources to delivering new values to industry and customers. At EFS ELECTRONICS we want to create exciting and promising future together.

Mission: We aim to steadily increase our share of world markets with our high quality service, innovative products and increasing brand awareness.